My Last Supper

Yummy seafood at Kuishin-bo

“Dinner, Bunnie?”

An SMS from my beloved! Instantly the weight of filing papers and writing cheques lifts off me.

We had initially planned to try out the lobster teppanyaki set at Sakae Sushi at Tampines Century Square.

But now, realising that once I’ve had my surgery I’ll have to be off shellfish for months, we decide to sup at Kuishin-bo at Great World City.

It costs about $50 a head. Wednesdays are ladies’ night, and ladies get like, 10% off or something.

The spread is awesome:

Chilled seafood: prawns, scallops in the half-shell, and Alaskan crab legs (best eaten with the sweet chilli sauce)

Grilled seafood: (the night we went, it was a haul!) lobster, giant prawns, lamb, beef slices (marinated with a beautiful soy sauce – awesome) and fish.

Others: sashimi, sushi, teppanyaki (beef, chicken, fish), paper pot, chawanmushi, salad, cooked Japanese dishes (eg Japanese “yong tau fu”, curry etc), porridge (a wonderful ginseng chicken or scallop).

Soft drinks, coffee, tea on freeflow, as well as soft Japanese ice cream (green tea and vanilla) and a dessert spread that includes chocolates, fruit, cheesecake, Black Forest, a “wet dessert” of the day (like a sea coconut with Konniyaku jelly pieces), and a chocolate fountain.

All that’s missing is the beer on tap. Haha. (If we feel indulgent, we order a Kirin each.)

I love coming here with Mr Threez. We share great conversations and a delight for every morsel and we always eat fit to burst!

It’s the perfect Last Supper. I leave, happy and full, arm in arm with the man I love.

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