Pre-Surgery Rush Hour 2

Thursday 24 June

Today’s To-Do List:
1. Nanzinc stories to be uploaded for next week. Editing 6 stories takes me 2 hours! I must be losing my touch. Looking for photos takes another 1 hour 15 minutes. Either I’m slow or my broadband connection is. I think it’s both.

2. Pack books to read (see my “Booklist For Speedy Recovery”). Borders has a “25% off + 10% more for members” coupon. I’m so going to Borders.

3. Arrange for laptop and dongle – I want to watch the weekend service with Dr AR Bernard! Not missing that for the world. Call my buddy the S Man and he says he’ll bring it to hospital for me before service begins. With the S Man, friendship is uplifted several levels.

4. Pack my pillow. My personal secret to a comfortable stay in hospital! First, those plastic covers on those foam pillows in hospital are designed to drive you crazy and make you sweat. Second, you bring the soothing smell of home with you when you bring your pillow. (Okay, I’ll admit, this is the adult version of bringing my smelly bolster everywhere.)

5. Write cards for all my kids and hubby. I used to do this when I had to travel for work. I would write a tiny little card for every day I was away and hide it away so my kids would have to hunt and find all of them. This time… because I am feeling sentimental, and because my father-in-law, a man of few words who in a rare moment, came up to me this morning and put his hand on my shoulder and said “Don’t worry. You are going to be fine, okay?” So moved.

6. Pack outfit for going home in. Deciding what I’ll need to wear when I come out of hospital takes me nearly an hour. I had bought a pair of calf-length harem pants at the Mango sale. They’re perfect because they come with a broad elastic waistband. After a tummy tuck my abdomen is definitely going to be swollen and I can’t imagine squeezing into my jeans. What if I burst my stitches?! Okay, harem pants and a white shirt, that’s the eventual verdict.

In the midst of all the rush I decide, I want to bring my mother-in-law out for lunch. I’m blessed to have the best MIL in the world. She would do anything for me — and does, sometimes without my even thinking about it. If Love has a face, it’s my mom-in-law’s.

I know the next few weeks are going to be exhausting for her as she takes over my mommy-taxi duties. Not that a lunch could take away that stress but I just want her to know I love her and appreciate her.

So braving a crazy heavy shower at noon, we drive to Playground@Big Splash for a buffet lunch at Seafood International Market & Restaurant.

The ala carte buffet lunch is a winner at $22.80++ a head. The 12 premium dishes alone are worth more than the price of the buffet. These include a whole braised abalone, braised shark’s fin soup, drunken prawn in herbal soup, black pepper crayfish, sirloin steak in barbecue sauce, and the yummiest deepfried sea bass.

We were so stuffed after those that we barely had room for a tom yum soup and the signature Sakura Chicken in three sauces.

Dessert was a buffet range of nonya kueh and sea coconut soup.

I only wish we were hungrier because the dim sum and the crabmeat fried rice looked really yum but we were floaty from overeating!

I hope to go back there with some friends next round, and this time I would order slowly — we had all the dishes come at once so some grew cold as we ate…

But more than anything it was just worthwhile to hang with my MIL and chitchat on a rainy day, pretending like we’re two tai-tais. I’m not sure when we’ll get to do this again…

We head home and I start packing. There’s a certain “numbness” to this whole scenario. I find myself trying not to think about waking up without my natural born breast. The terror of the empty breast skin has subsided, but I gotta admit, it’s still not exactly something to “look forward to”.

I have to fast from midnight, but I eat dinner at 7pm, and have some tea and 8pm and don’t feel like anything after that. In bed at 10pm, Mr Threez asks if I want to be woken up at 11.30 with Milo and bikkies and I shake my head. I don’t know how death row prisoners eat their last meal. It just seems so pointless.

I pray with my kids and kiss them all to sleep. Middle B is anxious and teary and insists on waking up to “send me off” tomorrow.
I go to bed and pray.
I pray Jesus will let me have the peace that surpasses all understanding.
I pray I will feel His presence like He’s next to me holding my hand.
I pray I will see angels and know that my operating theatre is an anointed place.
I pray that as I come to the Lord and carry this burden, this yoke will prove easy and the burden light.

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