It’s October! Time To Get Those Mammies Checked, People!

It’s October. And I am wracked with guilt.

I had promised to publicize the Breast Cancer Foundation‘s BRILLIANT annual Pink Ribbon Walk. But I got caught up with work from August through end of September and I totally missed it.

Sorry BCF 😦

I did hear that it was great as usual — this year’s walk totaled 4.1km (now that’s some serious calories burnt) and it was around the Marina Bay Promenade, always a popular spot with great sights to behold. Guest of honor was my Mayor, Dr Amy Khor — always a passionate spokesperson for good health and women’s empowerment.

HPB's amazing record-breaking pink ribbon formation in 2012.

HPB’s amazing record-breaking pink ribbon formation in 2012.

I have my mammogram done every year in June now — it has been 3 years and 4 months since my surgery. It’s clear again this year, thank God. I am truly grateful for the increasing awareness about the importance of early detection. It really does save lives, and in many cases, breasts. One of my absolute favorite events was the pink ribbon formation that the Health Promotion Board organised last year — it was an achievement that made the Singapore Book of Records — which involved 2,300 men, women and children holding pink umbrellas.

I was kind of bugged, though, recently, to read in the Straits Times that fewer women were taking advantage of the subsidised mammograms by Health Promotion Board, called BreastScreen Singapore. A private mammogram like mine costs over $200, but I do it at Gleneagles Hospital purely because my doctor is based there and I get everything done in a day. But you could pay as little as $50 for a mammogram if you are being diligent and having your breasts checked every year. A friend recently said she only paid $25 after all the subsidies she could get.

An alarming report in the Straits Times.

An alarming report in the Straits Times.

I hope anyone reading this will take heed. I know sometimes we would rather not know, but it’s really a very small inconvenience and a couple of seconds of pain, for great peace of mind.

I hope lots of women get their boobies mashed for a good and healthy cause this month. I’ve had mine done — have you?

For the what, where, who and how much, click here.

PS: An idle thought. I couldn’t seem to escape Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball video this past month. I realise the girl’s gone through a lot to get that hot body and she can’t help showing it off before the weight comes back on again (I mean, who hasn’t been through that before?). I was just thinking, when I was 20 and had boobies that pert, I never thought one day I would have to remove one of them…

Why is Miley still wearing her Hannah Montana clothes and underwear?

Why is Miley still wearing her Hannah Montana clothes and underwear?

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