What’s Another Birthday?

My name is Theresa Tan and it has been 64 days since my last post.

I figured today being my 44th birthday, I should at least say something.


A friend texted me at 5.30 this evening and asked “How is your birthday going?” It’s been, to tell the truth, a non-event. I had work to do, as the paper goes to print tomorrow, but I didn’t have to go into the office. Middle B has had a 39 degree fever since Sunday, so wanted her mommy. And last night Mr Threez came back with severe diarrhoea and was in the loo all night. We had plans for dinner tonight but the bug’s hit him pretty bad and I think he’s better off in bed.

Last night, in between visits to the toilet, he presented me his birthday present: a running top with all the races I have run this year listed at the back. He had it specially made.


I know it seems like a strange gift but anyone who knows how much running has become part of my life, will know this is the best present ever, that only the one who is my better half would think of creating.

My best birthday gift from Mr Threez

Tonight we got to do the birthday cake. But in case we weren’t going to get a chance, Little B had already sang my birthday song to me earlier today. And she made me a card that I am going to keep forever.

My very first non-school-made card from Little B! *super heart*

You may not believe me but it’s fine. I don’t mind. In this household, we tend to celebrate birthdays across days and weeks. And in cases like today, whenever it suits, we simply have a Do-Over.

Beyond that, as my friend reminded me, every day I am alive is better than a birthday! Every day I have one more day to talk to God and watch Him do marvelous things in my world. Every day I have 24 more hours to enjoy my husband, my three children, my friends, my work.

When Mr Threez asked me what I wanted for my birthday, there were loads of things I didn’t mind having (iPad 2 with wireless keyboard, or new iPod Touch, or an H&M gift card) but nothing I couldn’t live without. I already have all I will ever need: my God, the people I love, a meaningful life.

If there is one thing I really, really, really want, it is more time. I want more time to do more things that will impact more lives. I have been given a second chance at life, and now I really need to use time to do the things that God wants me to do, not the things I want to do to feel accomplished, successful, recognized.

So I am 44 today. A couple more wrinkles, too many grey hairs, but bring on the years. The more the merrier.