10 Reasons Why I Love Being A Woman (Take The Pledge!)

Little B when she was 2 months old *heart*

1. I get to carry my babies around with me for 9 months and then bring them into the world.

2. I get to fall into the arms of the man I love, feeling accepted, protected and completely loved.

3. I get to wear high heels and flat shoes (and sandals and Fit-Flops).

4. I get to cut and grow out and colour my hair on a whim.

5. I get to ferry my kids from school to class to sailing to gym and drink bubble tea with them and talk.

6. The Singapore Woman’s Charter.

7. I get full licence to cry when I lose a body part. Aron Rolston had to be macho about it for 127 Hours.

8. I get to put on a bikini when I’m feeling skinny and a maillot when I’m feeling soggy.

When in doubt, always wear a colourful floatie to distract the camera.

9. When I’m down, all it takes is a new lip gloss—not a BMW—to cheer me up.

10. I never get my wee-wee caught in my jeans zipper.

And one more for the road:

11. I can still go for Zumba class no matter how old I get.

There are so many reasons to love being a woman. I’m writing these down because I’ve been reading the pledges at the Great Woman Pledge website (and I could only submit one pledge!). I’m struck by the camaraderie and supportiveness that women have for one another. They make me think of my BFF, Karen. Incidentally, this photo was taken when GE donated a portion of their GE 10K Women’s Run to my women’s organisation, WMD.

Me (3rd from right) and Karen (2nd from right) with my WMD buddies on the left (Barffie, Eunice Olsen, Chong Hai-Yen).

I encourage—I mean, ENCOURAGE—all of you reading this to go to this site www.itsgreattobeawoman.com now and make your pledge! Click on “My Pretty Pink Pledge” on the left column, and write why you think it’s great to be a woman!

You could win an iPad if yours is the most Creative or most Meaningful Pledge.

You can also VOTE for your friends — the entry with the most votes in either category will win an iPad each!

Here’s the REAL reason why you should make a pledge:
For every pledge that’s entered, Great Eastern will donate $1 to the Breast Cancer Foundation.
BCF is an important support group to breast cancer sufferers like myself. The Foundation works hard to create awareness of breast cancer, and has built up support groups that help women going through breast cancer to get the emotional support they need. BCF will benefit from this donation, which will help them to keep their work going.

Great Eastern wants to get 20,000 pledges by International Women’s Day—8 March 2011. That’s 8 days from today!

I urge you to click here and make your pledge now (then get your friends to vote like mad for you so you can win that iPad). You will be making a difference to women like me.

Please pass this message on! Help me help GE get their 20,000 pledges before next Wednesday!

Click here to make your pledge now.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. PC
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 00:45:11

    You look good!

    And love the nicely frivolous reasons …=)


  2. KS
    Mar 02, 2011 @ 14:33:44

    I can wear a skirt and pants.


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