Who Wants To “Outrun Cancer” With Me?

Recently, the church paper that I help put together has been featuring lots of people who shaved their hair in support of kids with cancer, as part of the Hair For Hope campaign. I’ve always admired the chutzpah of the ones who shave — my best friend Karen Tan the stage actress was the first personal friend I had who did it, and she never looked more beautiful to me.

I’m not precious about my hair but I think I should probably spare the world a glimpse of Bald Theresa.

Running? Now that I can do.

The Race Against Cancer happened a few weeks ago at East Coast Park. Organised by the Singapore Cancer Society, proceeds went to “various programmes, such as cancer treatment subsidy, hospice home care, welfare assistance for needy cancer patients, free cancer screenings and public education initiatives.”

Running being such a new thing for me, I totally missed that race. But I chanced upon these two upcoming runs today:

The Run For Hope website — sign up today!

The Run For Hope 2011 run on 20 November at Angsana Green, East Coast Park. This one is organized by Four Seasons Hotel and The Regent in aid of the National Cancer Centre and proceeds go to cancer research. I live in hope that before I die I will see early detection and prevention for breast and gynaecological cancers. I also hope to see effective new methods of treatment that allow a woman to keep her whole breast. I know it sounds like a wishlist but I can dream, can’t I?

There’s a 10K run and a Family Walk. And there’s a 10% discount for bulk registrations of 12 persons (come on, who’s with me? Come on…) It costs $40 per adult.

I am hoping to get friends to pledge an amount to National Cancer Centre if I run. That way, we can raise more funds towards research, and that to me is a great thing.

So leave a comment here or email me directly if you think you want to pound gravel with me for a good cause!

Terry Fox ran 5,373 km across Canada on his prosthetic leg!

Early next year there’s the Terry Fox Run 2012. Terry Fox is possibly the most famous cancer-survivor-runner in the world. At age 18 he discovered he had bone cancer in the leg. In 1977, he had to have his leg amputated. But where most humans would have stayed home and tried to live as easy and stress-free a life as possible, Fox embarked on a cross-Canada run, the Marathon of Hope, to raise awareness of cancer and a target of CAN$24 million for cancer research.

He ran the equivalent of a full marathon every day for 143 days, covering over 5,000 km on foot, before his cancer—which had spread—forced him to stop. Terry Fox died in 1981 but his Foundation lives on, as does the Terry Fox Run founded that year by the owner of Four Seasons Hotel Isadore Sharp, which is today run in over 60 countries.

This year was the 30th year of the Terry Fox Run (and I missed the run in January). I found the Terry Fox Run 2012 on Facebook and the date is Sunday January 15, 2012. Runners can choose between a 5K or 10K run. Flag off at Playground @ Big Splash is at 8am.

There’s not a whole lot of registration info available yet but you’ll know as soon as I know.

The official international Terry Fox Run date for 2012 is September 16 so I’m not sure if there’ll be another one.

Let me know what you think and if you will commit to one of these races! I hope I can gather at least 30 people who want to run and make a difference to cancer patients now and in the future!