2 Nights To The Standard Chartered Half-Marathon!

The coveted green-and-blue race tank! My first!

It’s less than 48 hours to the race I’ve been psyching myself up for since August: the Standard Chartered Half-Marathon on 4 December.

I’m hearing that everyone and his grandpa is running this race — and oddly I guess that’s what the attraction is: The sense of “doing it together” has a strange appeal.

I can tell you it’s not an easy time for me—I’m coming off two terrible infections. One was a weeklong virus that caused me to have crazy vertigo. And then last Wednesday I came down with a 40 degree fever that didn’t break for 3 days, and I’m still experiencing the tail-end of that infection. It’s fine when I’m home but being in a cold office or freezing shopping centre will spark off a headache and a hacking cough.

To tell you the truth I seriously thought about not running this race. I’ve always been taught that if you are still coughing, sniffling, sneezing etc, you shouldn’t risk a second infection. But the thought of having not showing up for the “ultimate” end to my very first year of road-running … that was harder to take.

I thought, okay I will visualise the route. I do this for every race. If possible, I drive there to check it out, or run part of it. It helps me to visualise finishing the race, and if I can see it, I can have it.

Fortunately (or not), in my inbox there was an email labeled SCMS Newsletter 5, and in it, was a Youtube video of the 21K route (courtesy of BMW, who is a sponsor of course — but this is brilliantly made).

I use the word “Brilliant” loosely. When I first watched this video on Tuesday night I nearly peed in my pants. Not only will I have to basically run across Sentosa, I have to run up the slope that joins up the West Coast Highway, leading to the ECP and Benjamin Sheares Bridge.

Hello, I am used to taking this route — IN A CAR.

Sorry but I have to be honest — comparing this route to the full marathon route is like comparing the Cylon Battlestar Galactica Ride to the Shrek canopy ride at Universal Studios Singapore. The full marathon takes the racer from Orchard Road (okay so there is a very mild dip at Ion but no serious elevation) to East Coast Park which is nearly entirely FLAT GROUND. So it’ll be a further distance but offers hardly any elevation.

Where’s the challenge???

But I have to admit watching that video with the West Coast Highway slope and the undulating dinosaur-like humps of the ECP-Benjamin Sheares Bridge gave me a sleepless night.

The next day I could stand it no longer — cough or no cough I HAD to run up one slope just to psyche myself for the monsters I’ll be facing on Sunday.

I can’t say I am very prepared but God knows I run for His good pleasure, and I have made the decision I will finish this race.

So, check in on Monday when, hopefully, my fingers are still working and my butt will let me sit down to key in my race report!