730 Gifted Days



Despite the pains of Internet connection in the middle of Healesville, Melbourne, I cannot let today end without a shout of joy and a holler of gratitude to my God who sustains me and keeps me alive to enjoy all I have…especially a family vacation, the five of us in the gorgeous Yarra region of Victoria.

Today marks two years since I woke up with that pain in my breast that would turn out to be cancer. Right now I am nursing a very different kind of pain: I am sitting in bed with a koyok stuck to my neck and shoulder, having strained my neck sleeping with two dancing princesses two nights ago ( or shall I say, kungfu…princesses)?

A better pain any day!

So happy to be alive!
So happy to be able to enjoy my family!
So happy to have the opportunity to cook and do laundry and eat popcorn by the fire with my 3 kittens!
So happy to listen to my hubby explain why Vibram Five Fingers are better than Nike anything (and not necessarily agreeing)!
So happy to know God loves me so much I get the gift of every day!

So happy I can blog from my iPad and express my gratitude.


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