How Pam & Ning Got Insurance For Their Adventure

My crazy friends Ning and Pam all set for their 9 months adventure around the world!

My pals Pam and Ning are embarking on an adventure of a lifetime in 5 days! They will be traipsing across the great US of A starting from Hawaii (thank God the Tsunami did minimal damage there) and then to the mainland and then over to the E.U.!

They blogged about their difficulty getting insurance that could cover them the entire stretch of their 9-month sojourn. It struck a nerve with me — insurance really is such a tricky business. If you’re any less determined than these 2 women, or if you put it off, like many of us girls are wont to do when something as seemingly “banal” as insurance gets too complicated, you might not get the insurance you really need. Whether it’s for a journey like theirs, or protection against diseases or accidents or the twists and turns of Life.

Pam and Ning are heading for a great trip but one that potentially presents unexpected incidents that they need to be insured against, such as accidents, thefts and other travel-related issues.

That’s why I was really impressed to read that they went to Great Eastern and sat down with them to work out their needs for this trip, and GE agreed out to insure them.

That’s what I call an insurance company that listens. Great Eastern makes it great (and safe) for us to be women.

Follow Pam and Ning’s wonderful adventures at their blog, Adventures Of 2 Girls!

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