Happy National Day, Everyone!

Little B the patriot, as photographed by Aunty Wendy

I’ve always been pretty transparent about my love for my country and my appreciation of the systems and order our government has in place, that has enabled our 45-year-old nation to develop at breakneck speed.

(For that reason, I know some more “serious” writers have thought me a fluffy bunny in the “serious” writing department. I don’t see why, really…)

I’ll tell you why I love Singapore:

1. MEDISHIELD. Without Medishield, I might not even be blogging today, because I would have probably pawned my laptop by now to pay for my $30,000 hospital bill for my mastectomy and hospital stay. Medishield is brilliant (and you should top up with one of those Aviva or other insurance company supplementary plans that also covers you for other things like your income for the number of days you are on MC, your co-payment and all that). Medishield is the number one reason why I think living in Singapore is a real privilege. You can’t buy a smart government.

2. MY KIDS. Singapore is a safe place for kids and as PM said in his Nat Day speech last night, our school system (despite all the criticisms we parents have at one point or another) just keeps improving. Even as we grow to be more and more multi-cultural and multi-racial, we just keep improving (or at least we have every intention to, which counts for a lot in my book). My little 3.7 year old goes to a wonderful preschool called Little Big, where she experiences teachers who really love her into excelling. She is speaking more, engaging more, even making more cheeky jokes thanks to the presence of those teachers who believe that, Yes, She Can! These teachers were brought up in Singapore, products of our Singapore school system, who are making a real difference to the next generation.

3. IT’S THE BEST OF EAST & WEST. I’m not saying this because I think we’re so hot to watch American Idol while eating kimchi instant noodles and explaining why Ryan Seacrest is sexy to our mother in Hokkien. For me to get cancer here in this city is one of the most fortunate things for me, that’s my opinion. In America, the healthcare system doesn’t look after you till you’ve signed on the insurance form (that is, if you have insurance. If not, sorry…). In the UK, a friend told me that despite their free national healthcare system, people may not seek treatment for breast cancer or any kind of cancer purely because between the first visit and the next it’s forever, plus it costs too much to travel to the hospital, and there, unlike here, they don’t have domestic helpers to accompany them or to cook them meals. (My amazing ex-boss Michael Keating set up a wonderful cancer foundation in memory of his late sister, TV presenter Caron Keating, who died of breast cancer. The Caron Keating Foundation gives allowances to cancer patients to travel to and from treatments and other daily needs.)

I’m glad I’m a cancer patient in Singapore. Apart from first-class healthcare, here I can have a really good post-cancer diet, from Greek salads to bird’s nest soup — really the best of both worlds. I am hunting for a pot of aloe vera which grows so well in our climate. Aloe has such great healing value — I used to grind up the actual aloe flesh and put it over my mom’s skin after her radiation treatment. It was the only thing that soothed that horrible heat that lingered on and inside the body.

And those are my three, extremely selfish reasons for loving my country.

Hope you all have a wonderful National Day! 2 more hours to National Day Parade!

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  1. Andrea DeCruz
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 05:14:59

    Hello Dear,
    Thkq for reminding us why we shld ALL be proud of being S’poreans! When it comes to healthcare I for one can most definately agree that we are indeed THE BEST!!! You know,there’s a history of cancer in my bloodline too, from both maternal grandparents and my dad finally surrendering to pancreatic cancer…so, my sis and i always joke that it’ll be either she or I or BOTH! Oh well, we’ll just have to face the music when the time comes I suppose. I hope & and pray to God you’ll be OK…have faith huh?! He’s always listening…always there…and HE will never forsake us.



    • threezframe
      Aug 11, 2010 @ 08:58:51

      Hey Andrea! Thank you for your comment! Been ages since we talked. Thanks for your very honest sharing – and I pray it never happens to you or your sister! Don’t think about getting it — think positive! Even though I spent most of my life walking under this “death sentence”, when I found my faith again at 36, I decided my life is really in God’s hands, and I’m going to reject any cancer. I think that’s probably what allowed me to discover this at such an early stage, that I don’t need any further treatment now and basically, I have my life back. Hey, anytime you need to talk or if you’re worried or anything – call me okay. Email you my mobile in a bit. Hugs!


  2. Olive Tan
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 14:51:13

    Hey Theresa,

    You are such an inspiration! I read your blog and cried and cried! Your testimony is so wonderful! Your positiveness is overwhelming. You were downright honest, open and really, really bold! Now I am wondering why it has taken me so long to write my own healing testimony – maybe it’s ‘writers’ block maybe it’s a fear that symptoms may sufface…but I know now that I have no excuse – got to fulfull my resolutions that Imade early this year… Thank you for inspiring me and all women!! love n hugs, Olive.


    • threezframe
      Aug 11, 2010 @ 08:52:23

      Olive you are original “healed by faith” girl! I watched you go through everything you did and you were just amazing – living proof that God heals and He honors those who never lose hope in Him. Yes, please fulfill your resolutions — they may help somebody going through a rough time too. 🙂


      • Olive Tan
        Aug 15, 2010 @ 15:42:16

        Thanks Theresa! I didn’t know that you think of me this way…wow Father God must really be thinking well of me all the time too! Janet always talked about having faith in God and inspired me with many verses (she typed it up late into the night, specially for me!!!)

        Ok ..next month is my birthday month and every year during September, something good happens to me! So must start and finish writing my testimony for adenomyosis and endometriosis patients…:)

  3. Shane
    Sep 02, 2010 @ 05:09:10


    Just wondering did you pay a single cent for your $30k hospital bill after claiming your insurance from Aviva? I know some plans are those as-charged type, and some are not.


    • threezframe
      Sep 02, 2010 @ 13:39:20

      Hi Shane

      I think I paid a very very minimum, a few hundred dollars (my husband paid, actually). I’ll go and check for what that is. But most of the bill was covered by Aviva Shield Plus 1.


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