I LOVE TODAY! My First Shower In A Month!

My excellent surgeon Dr Hoe Ah Leong & happy me

Today has been a REALLY GOOD DAY! First, Mr Threez took the day off to accompany me to see my doctors.

1. Dr Andrew Khoo has my last bandage removed and nods his approval. “So, you can do whatever you want, whatever you normally do. You can shower, swim, go to the gym — but no weights.”

Man, those words are music to my ears! I could KISS the man! And his nurse! He basically sends me home with “scar treatment”: A tube of Centellase for my belly button and breast scars. And a “sticker” pack (sorry I left my meds in my handbag 3 floors down, I’ll add the name later) to put over my tummy tuck scar to help it not protrude and keeps keloids from forming. (If you are reading this, pray for me. I’m a keloid magnet.)

I cannot wait to shower. I cannot wait to shower.

2. We head over to Hoe Ah Leong Surgery (and wait an hour for Dr Hoe because he’s got a chatty patient just before me).

“How is Liang Popo?” asks his nurse Christine. “Today no more Liang Popo!” Because, now that she mentions it, I am walking a little more upright today, and it’s not hurting so much.

Dr Hoe Ah Leong (that’s him at the top) takes a look at his handiwork, ie my right breast. “Dr Khoo did a great job,” he admires, before launching into a list of plastic surgery horrors he’s seen recently, including an oversized TRAM flap boob a whole size noticeably larger than the other, and a pedicle that didn’t heal properly and looks like a handle.

You don’t know how hard I am praying for a beautiful recovery! These are the things nightmares are made of! There’s Inception 2 for you!

Dr Hoe is happy with my progress, and next, he’ll make an appointment for me to discuss any possible future oral treatment (for prevention) with an oncologist.

All good! Thumbs up! I can shower!

3. Mr Threez and I have a FABULOUS lunch at Jones to celebrate! The chicken confit is really good.

4. Mr Threez suggests we go and watch Inception. Gosh, this is the longest I have been out of the house and out of bed. But I figure, okay, I only need to walk from the carpark to the cinema and back. The movie, unfortunately, proved somewhat underwhelming for me, but just being able to sit alone with Mr Threez at a movie – now, that’s bliss.

5. We crawl home in the 6pm traffic. I flop on the couch to ease my back. And then at 7.30, as if I’m really back to normal, we bring the 3Bs out for ice cream at Udders Siglap. Just watching Little B bliss out over her cookies and cream is worth any aching chest and back.

6. F-i-n-a-l-l-y we get home, I gulp down some nutritious black chicken soup (or my maid will throw a fit, she takes extreme pride in her cooking). Anything just so I can get upstairs and take a shower.


My Blue Heaven! My shower, still steamy.


Can I just say, this is the highest point of all the high points of today. My first shower in 30 days — count them — 30 days. After 30 days of “mopping” myself with a face towel, this feels like angels pouring warm liquid gold all over me. Look! Soap suds on my thighs! Look! Water running down my body!

This is insanely, ferociously good!

Okay, now that I’m all satisfied, good night everyone. Thank you, God, for a perfect day.

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