What’s On My Surgery Menu… Hmm…

Tuesday 22 June

Mr Threez and I see Dr Hoe for the last time before the scheduled op, which will happen this Friday, 25 June.

Once again we discuss the possibility of saving my nipple (man, I tell you, the number of manhours spent discussing my nipple, you’d think it was insured for a million dollars).

Dr Hoe sees anxiety written all over my face, and assures us he will try for a lumpectomy first, and only in the event that he (as my expert surgeon) deems it’s too dangerous not to remove the nipple, will he do so.

He writes down on the surgery “order sheet” that I’ll bring with me when I come for my operation on Friday: “Lumpectomy, KIV full mastectomy followed by TRAM flap reconstruction.”

This means it’ll be a longer procedure than a straight up chop-and-go, but it does put my heart at ease a little, knowing this good man is going to try his best to save my femininity.

As we leave Dr Hoe’s clinic, an inexplicable sombreness falls over both of us. There is an air of finality about today. We walk quietly to the car. Words that are bubbling near the surface dissolve into silence.

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