What My Breasts Looked Like 10 Years Ago

This is one of my favourite photos of me. It was taken the first year when the new ELLE Singapore team was formed — 2000 I think. (Hachette Filipacchi reclaimed the title from ACP in 1999. Later it went into a joint venture with MediaCorp, and now MediaCorp owns the title in Singapore.)

I can’t remember if my favourite fashion photographer Wee Khim took this photo… but thank you, Mr Photographer who took this. And thank you Xylia for the loan and Jenn for the scan!

The ELLE team, 2000

That’s me in the middle, in my Gucci gown (past season but who cares? As long as it makes you look and feel good, it’s a keeper), which I have only dared to wear twice, but both times, felt beautiful. That’s because it’s a booby gown – the boobs are the main attraction in this dress.

I was kinda chubby here — Big B was a little over a year old and I hadn’t lost all the post-partum weight yet. But I love this photo anyway because the ELLE girls and I were the dream team and we were all gorgeous. The men in our building used to part like the Red Sea when we walked through the lobby during lunch break — we were pretty inseparable.

Thanks to the extremely adventurous President of Hachette Asia-Pacific Christine Brendle (definitely one of my career heroes), I was brought on as editor-in-chief and allowed to hire the perfect person for every single position, and we were a rockin’ team. The magazine entered an era of new possibilities — a challenge because ELLE has a formula that you don’t mess with, but we did… (And it didn’t win me no brownie points with Hachette! But our Prez did not find fault with our numbers at the end of Year 1, which was well into 7 figures.)

Anyway, back to my boobs!

I loved them after childbirth. Before 1999 when Big B was born, my left breast was a good 25% larger than my right. So I had one boob that could fit in a soup bowl and another in a champagne glass.

But when the milk came in, RB (right breast) caught up in size. I failed at my first attempt at breastfeeding. My mom was convinced I was going to starve Big B by trying to breastfeed him when there was perfectly good formula waiting on the table. I caved after a week, and settled for pumping out what little breast milk I had for him, for a month.

(Incidentally, Mom wasn’t wrong. Big B is perfectly fine despite the fact he was not *gasp* a breastfed baby, and he is also rather brilliant.)

While I beat myself up for not “bonding with my child” (also bollix, because Big B and I are still very close now after 11 years and I hope it will be so for the next 50 years or however long God gives us), my boobs grew rather nice and big and round, and were, for the next 10 years, thoroughly appreciated by Mr Threez.

Incidentally, the rest of the ELLE team had really nice boobs too, especially Patsze Teo, my sales & marketing director. (The girl with the short hair on the ladder on the right). Plus she has big brains to match.

And of course Anita Kapoor (right of me in the photo), whose bosom was and still is legendary (upon which Big B as an infant fell asleep).

Looking at this photo, I so miss my team, boobs and all.

From left:

Xylia Lim, then sales manager, now mother-of-two and handling MediaCorp accounts.

Claudette Peralta, then The-Best-Dep-Ed-In-The-World, now Straits Times sub-editor

Alfrayda Ayob, then fashion stylist, now head of Womenswear team and Divisional Merchandising Manager at Lane Crawford Hong Kong. And pregnant with her first child!

Linda Lim, then marketing executive, now mother-of-three and the last I checked, a marketing director of a telco (Linda if you read this, please update!)

Tracy Lee (on ladder), then features editor, now Mrs Tracy Lee-Elrick and writer-at-large.

Stephanie Tay, then sales manager, now mother-of-two and working tai-tai.

Me, then editor-in-chief, now … just me.

Elizabeth Szepsy, then Luminous-And-Ultra-Gifted-Fashion-Director, now married to a duke (I hear) and mommy of two, with a new skincare line for babies, Planet Peach.

Anita Kapoor (laughin), then beauty editor, now Body Shop-ambassador, TV host and diva-about-town.

Joan Lim (with the red hair), then senior graphic designer, now mother-of-three and the last surviving member of this ELLE team!

Daphne Tso, then art director of ELLE, now art director of Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.

Patsze Teo (on ladder), then sales & marketing director, now very-important-executive (sorry sweetie, please update) at Diageo Hong Kong, and from what I see, blissfully married.

Marlina Aziz, then my sweet-and-very-precious PA, now a marketing honcho (I hear! Update please!)

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    Best dairy article I’ve read. Thx!


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