Mr Threez Takes Charge

Tuesday, 15 June, 9am.

Apparently, yesterday’s experience did not sit well with Mr Threez. He is even less willing than me to wait four whole days for the biopsy to be done.

Unbeknownst to me, he called Prof Tham yesterday when we got home, and Prof leaped into action. Prof has arranged for me to see Dr Hoe Ah Leong at Gleneagles, his friend and his sister’s surgeon.

Mr Threez comes up to me with Hoe Ah Leong’s name and address and tells me that we are seeing him later this morning. It’ll be a second opinion, and hopefully, we can get a biopsy done.

I am relieved. I don’t think I can hold off knowing.

My daughter Middle B notices the surreptitious whispers and notes being passed around. She’s just 9 but going on 19.

“Are you okay, Mom?” Her eyes watch me like a hawk’s.

“I’m fine,” I grin.

“Are you seeing another doctor?”

“How did you know?”

“This name and address,” she says in a sleuth-like way, “they look like a doctor’s clinic to me.”

I have to tell the truth. But not the whole truth.

“Yes, I am going to see this doctor today.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“I don’t know yet. That’s why I need to see this doctor, to find out.”

“Are you going to be done in time for Karate Kid?”

Dang. I forgot I have Karate Kid. Middle B’s birthday celebrations are somewhat epic. This year they took place on her birthday, and on the next two Tuesdays. This was the first Tuesday. We had arranged for her school buddy to come over to play and we would go and watch Karate Kid at 4.30, pick up her other school buddy who was at science camp, have dinner at Swensen’s before everybody goes home.

Thank God for my sister-in-law, who comes over to help. She will supervise the girls till Mr Threez and I get home. I refuse to let this thing affect my family. The party will go on. I am determined to be done at Dr Hoe’s in time for the movie.

Mr Threez gets cross with me. “Your health is more important.”

I beg to differ. My health is no longer under my immediate control but the happiness of my family is.

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