Beating My Breast, As It Were

I know it seems cheesy. But blogging is a great outlet for the various troubles in my life.

The reason I haven’t been blogging much is because for the last 5 years, my life has been pretty trouble-free!

Well I guess I don’t have that blogger’s block anymore.

I’ve decided keeping a blog about my just-discovered journey with breast cancer is going to be a good thing. I continue to be inspired by Lee Huili—aka Molly Lee, the Singapore Woman Award winner of 2008, who passed away from ovarian cancer on 29 May 2008. Her blog blessed so many young women cancer patients across the world —I can only hope that my journey will be one filled with hope and possibility, and can serve to inspire others who may be going through this valley too.

I hope this won’t be a morose, self-pitying collection of moans, but I do hope to capture the scary moments, the happy ones, the epiphanies and the moments of significance that this experience will surely bring.

Your breast friend,


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